chapter  7
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Transformational leadership

Enron, or of the seductive promises and ultimately calamitous losses of the

Stanford Financial Group, for clear and effective examples of such a


Organizations and industries that have aggressively valued the pursuit of profit,

personal gain and a reliance on the coterie of the charismatic over all other things

(fictionalized effectively in Boiler Room and represented ostensibly by the reallife examples of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC and Michael

Eugene Kelly’s Universal Leases fraud) have often fallen on their sword,

ironically losing billions of dollars through ensuing market instability (for

example, the once lauded but short-lived Bailey Coates Cromwell Fund), become

subject to Government investigations (Goldman Sachs), resulted in the loss of

personal liberty (Allen Stanford) and even forced up the age of retirement for a

generation as a result of diminished pension funds following the 2008 global

financial crisis.