chapter  3
Complaints are a firm’s best friend
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Managers canbedeterred fromimplementinga strategic intelligence (SI) systembecause they

fear its cost and presumed complexity. While strategic intelligence can in fact have a

sophisticated organizational shape (an IntelligenceHeadOffice, for instance), companies can

also use existing informational practices to contribute to an intelligence system. Thusmuch of

the literature stresses that a great deal of information already exists within companies and is

simply not circulated. For example, salespersons are continually collecting marketing

intelligence as a by-product of their work, but many of them fail to pass on the intelligence.

Their managers need to motivate them and develop a positive attitude towards strategic

intelligence in order to make them play the game (Le Bon, 2006). Yet strategic intelligence

development can rely on what is already available in the firm (Brouard, 2007) and simply

requires the integration of independent marketing information techniques (Fleisher, Wright,

& Allard, 2008).