chapter  4
Applying a behavioural and operational diagnostic typology of competitive intelligence practice: empirical evidence from the SME sector in Turkey
Pages 15

Strategic Management & Marketing, Faculty of Business and Law, De Montfort University, Hugh

Aston Building, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH, UK;

Kadir Has University, Kadir Has Caddesi,

34083, Cibali, Istanbul, Turkey;

Department of Engineering, De Montfort University, The Gateway,

Leicester, LE1 9BH, UK

This paper reports on an empirical study conducted within the SME sector in the city of

Istanbul, Turkey. The findings from this study enabled the creation of a behavioural and

operational typology of competitive intelligence practice, one developed from the work

of S. Wright, D.W. Pickton and J. Callow (2002. Competitive intelligence in UK firms:

A typology. Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 20, 349-360). Using responses to

questions which indicated a type of behaviour or operational stance towards the various

strands of CI practice under review it has been possible to identify areas where

improvements could be made to reach an ideal situation which could garner significant

competitive advantage for the SMEs surveyed.