chapter  14
Bridging virtual and real worlds: enhancing outlying clustered value creations
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The three dimensional economy (3D) illustrated through virtual worlds (VW) and virtual

social networks (VSN) provide real opportunities for companies in the fields of immersion,

interaction andvalue co-creation.VWwithout at least one individualmember of aVSN, being

linked synchronously or asynchronously due to persistence characteristics of the onlineworld,

is an empty space out of our scope. For practical reasons, when ‘VW’ is mentioned in this

document it means ‘VW and 3D VSN’ including serious games and Massively Multiplayer

Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG). Inputs coming from R&D and management

practices suggest that between the digital environment and the reality there is a mutual

enrichment process. 3D economy process relies on reducing decisionmaking cycles and their

persistent capabilities (e.g. with rehearsal/simulation functionalities) to provide a safer

workplace and collaborative environment. This may be understood through the ‘bridge

model’which not only integrates but surpasses the value chainmodel and the associated silos.

This bridge model lets value creation rise out in new distributed dimensions coming from

innovative practices, achievements and tangible outcomes.