chapter  1
Converting input to insight: organising for Intelligence-Based Competitive Advantage
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This book represents the culmination of a significant amount of intellectual endeavour put into the subject area of Competitive Intelligence & Insight Management (CI&IM) by a number of highly respected authors in the field. It has been produced as a consequence of two special issues devoted to the topic by the Journal of Strategic Marketing. The Holy Grail for most organisations is the successful attainment, and retention, of

inimitable competitive advantage. This collection of peer-reviewed research articles address the question of how to leverage those unique intangible assets of the organisation, its explicit, implicit, acquired, derived knowledge and use these as the foundation for creating organisational agility. The refreshingly innovative concept of Intelligence-Based Competitive Advantage (IBCA©), is poised to eclipse the cost-driven and resource reduction attitudes most prevalent in the first decade of this century (Wright, 2011). Tomorrow’s organisations will need to derive IBCA© through the expert execution of bespoke competitive intelligence practice, unique analytical processes, pioneering competitive strategy formulation and timely execution of all three if they are to succeed. The panorama for this collection consists of insight from:

Competitive Intelligence practices at both country and organisational level Competitive Analysis processes within firms and their challenging environments Competitive Strategy formulation in profit, non-profit, real and virtual world contexts.