chapter  3
Steps to the Integration of Moroccan Women in Development
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ABSTRACT This paper casts a gender perspective on development in Morocco. While Moroccan women contribute to development, their socio-economic situation has hardly improved over the years as a result of their participation. Despite the increasing aid afforded to the country and despite the numerous programs of development financed by world organizations, all the indications show that there exists an increase of poverty, particularly among women. The evaluation of projects specific to women's promotion has shown the limits of the economic approach. The role of women in development and growth is crucial. Education and training are so important for women to enable them to meet the new challenges, and to help them safeguard their rights and interests. The development of society cannot be achieved without the integration of women in the process of growth. To promote women's emancipation, the State must open doors to women who ought to be adequately trained to use the new information technology. By gaining new skills, Moroccan women can develop their productivity and improve their standards of living and those of their families.