chapter  1
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The Long Trail of Islamic Anti-Semitism

It has long been a staple of anti-Israel propaganda that, so far as Palestine is concerned, Arabs and Muslims have never had anything against Judaism or Jews but only against Zionism and Zionists. After all, did not Muslims treat their Jewish minorities far better than their European counterparts? Did not Arabs and Jews coexist harmoniously for centuries prior to the advent of the Zionist movement? As Fayez A. Sayegh, the Kuwaiti representative, told the United Nations General Assembly during the debate over the 'Zionism-is-racism' resolution in November 1975: 'We in the Arab world showed hospitality to Jews who came fleeing from persecution in Europe when European anti-Semitism was driving them into our arms; ... it was only when the Zionists came that, despite our hospitality to the Jew, we showed hostility to the Zionist'.1