chapter  V
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One deals with the interaction of anaphora rules in general with stylistic rules, and the other

involves conditions on the application of stylistic rules.

LI Given current proposals in the literature for trea tm en t of anaphora (eg. Lasnik’s

NCR1 and the semantic in terpretive rule DR), and the conclusion, reached earlier, th a t

structural tests for the phrasing of stylistically derived sentence are virtually nonexistent a t

present, it is difficult to see how stylistic rules could be shown to affect conditions on the

determ ination of pronominal reference. I t cannot be shown th a t a stylistically moved phrase

has changed clause allegiance; if the phrase was, a t surface structure, in the same sentence

as the pronoun, DR will have applied independently of the stylistic operation, determ ining

obligatory noncoreference; for example,

(2) Looking a t him in the m irror was John.