chapter  3
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A discourse construction based on the major contributions to New Confucianism

From a methodological standpoint, this is a classical chapter analysing the construction of a discourse. It harbours the theoretical contributions of the most relevant thinkers who, coming from different intellectual spheres and rather diverse academic disciplines, have cooperated in the construction of the discourse that we have ultimately convened to call New Confucianism, or ‘the third epoch of Confucianist Humanism’. 1 It is, therefore, a reliable demonstration of multipurpose cooperation naming the names. On the basis of the personal circumstances of these thinkers and the intellectual baggage bearing all their influential contributions we can set forth the decisive elements of the genesis and development of the New Confucianist discourse. A genesis that, with immediate antecedents emanate from the end of the nineteenth century, has been located in the New Culture and May Fourth movements, and an unceasing development since then that, driven in fits and starts, has led to the fresh voices of a New Confucianism eager to face the theoretical and practical demands of the twenty-first century.