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This is a book on discourse. Discourse is understood as the result of an incessant process of collective creation that intellectually structures both the determining of diverse desires for living in an ideal way, often employing imprecise conceptions in accordance with certain values, but not others, and the contingency of unintentional actions benefiting this ideal. The study undertaken here is not, nevertheless, a merely speculative exercise. On the contrary, aware as we are of the historical privilege of witnessing one of the greatest instances of recreating Confucianist thought – actually, the adaptation of the alluvial Confucianism that reached the nineteenth century to the requirements of our contemporaneity – we have studied in detail the discourse that aims to articulate this recreating, which we conventionally and rationally call New Confucianism or the ‘third epoch of Confucian Humanism’. Indeed, therefore, this is a book whose goal is to analyse the Confucianist discourse specifically, also with the hope of making a theoretical contribution to discourse studies in general.