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Uncovering Spiritual Resiliency Through Feminist Qualitative Methods

Wuthnow offers the concept of 'practice' oriented spirituality as a way of insuring that spiritual seeking preserves the discipline and commitment associated with traditional forms of religiousness. Roof endorses Wuthnow's distinction between dwelling and seeking his study of aging baby boomers' spirituality has focused more on showing how the expansion of the American 'spiritual market-place' has resulted in the proliferation of different religious orientations among middle aged Americans. Befitting an approach to religion that emphasizes dwelling over seeking, religiousness was positively associated with the Norm-Favoring scale of the California Psychological Inventory (CPI) meaning that high scorers on religiousness tended, for example, to accept traditional rules of social conduct. Broad empirical trends pertaining to religiousness and spirituality for the Institute of Human Development (IHD) sample are highlighted in this section. The focus is on the life course trajectories of religiousness and spirituality and their patterns of association in late adulthood with generativity, involvement in everyday life tasks and life satisfaction in times of adversity.