chapter  10
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New directions for black men’s desistance

The previous chapters have painted a vivid portrait of key issues associated with important insights and understandings of the racialisation of crime/ criminal justice systems and its impacts on the desistance process for black men. While these insights and understandings have been varied and detailed, the need to discuss critical emerging themes is important here. This chapter contains some additional perspectives that have already been addressed but are presented here in a context that calls for more investigation. It is also important that in summarising the need for new directions that the participants in the research continue to (re) present their views by way of locating their voices at the centre of this book. I have previously argued that social science research must include rich and personal accounts by black men, and further suggest that interpretative studies using racialised methods of analysis such as CRT are particularly appropriate for addressing specific knowledge of participants’ detailed subjective experiences such as black men’s desistance. A key concern that requires more research is that of fatherhood arrested.