chapter  1
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Land warfare in theory

This chapter examines the debates surrounding such activities as peace support operations and stabilisation. It looks at the basis of such operations, check their requirements, and chart development in methods and doctrines designed to do those tasks more effectively. This chapter is divided into two parts: first, the chapter looks at development of peace operations, examining peacekeeping heritage of the Cold War and normative developments; second, the chapter examines emergence of doctrines stabilisation, especially the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The military defeat of enemy fielded forces is no longer an adequate or often even a desirable objective. Victory is now associated much more with creating legitimate political solutions and stable long-term peace. Reflecting versatility of armies, doctrines of peace and stability operations illustrate evolution of new techniques has allowed troops to adapt. The thrust of this evolution in doctrine has tried to make land power more flexible and more nuanced political goals laid out by policy.