chapter  4
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Particulate vision and the evasion of capture

In late June 20 肘, just as this research on camera phone images was beginning, an exhibition of Chinese maste 中 leces 企om the Palace Museum, Beiji 嗯, arrived in Hong Kong as part of nationalistic celebrations marking the tenth anniversary of the former British colony's 叫rrn to China. The exhibitio 叭 title - The Pride of China: Maste 中 iec 臼 ofChinese Painting and Calligraphy ofthe Jin, Tang, Song and Yuan 均masties from the Palace Museum - highlights the imperial vision being projected a 企esh and, of the 16 works in the first part of the exhibition (29 June-22 July, 2007), the ‘star' was undoubtedly the rarely seen scroll by Zhang Zeduan (1 085-1145), Along the River During the Qingming Festival (清明上河囡 ; Qïngmíng Shànghé Tú) , a 5.287 metre by 24.28 centime 甘e panoramic painting on silk of everyday life during the Song Dynasty (960-1279).