chapter  5
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iPhone girl: assembly, assemblages and affect in the life of an image

On 20 August, four days before the closing ceremony, a UK IT specialist reports in a blog post to the Macrumors2 site that he has discovered in his brand new iPhone a set of photographs of an attractive young worker in an iPhone assembly plant in China. At first, he acknowledges he felt angry because he thought the new phone was used or repaired, but then realized the images had been taken within the factory itself (Mitchell, 2008). The exchangeable image file format (EXIF) data of the original image records it as having been taken on 26 July 2008 at 7.20am - a Saturday moming. Its download to the buyer's Mac computer takes place on 15 August 2008 at 1.13pm - a Friday aftemoon - although he acknow ledges it took him the better p 訂t of a week before he decided to upload the images (Mitchell, 2008). Based on the EXIF data attached to the image,3 it thus takes two weeks from the phone's completed assembly in China to its activation in the UK, so we have a 甘ace ofthe image's 'life' as a partial signature ofthe commodity's circulation.