chapter  12
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'The Glasgow Corporation Accounts, with Special Reference to Depreciation and Sinking Funds', Alexander Murray, The Accountant, 13 June 1903, 782-94

One need not wonder tho! there should be differences of opinion on a subject of this kind, which is somewhat technical, and requires careful study and familiarity with figures. The accounts are voluminous, and in some cases complex and not easily followed. Even experts, who give them but a cursory perusal, may be excused if they see at once the effect_ of thl! various bookkeeping entries, and come · to hasty and erroneous conclusions. It may, therefore, not be unprofitable if we examine some of the points raised in the course of these discussions, and endea,·our to ascertain hO\v far the .:riticisms are we!l-founded and just.