chapter  14
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'Municipal Cost Accounts', J.C.Greatrex, Financial Circular, December, 1903, 281-96

The :\·l a nches te r Corporatio n are proposingan ~xtension o f th e C it1· bv the in clus ion of the L:rban Distri ~t ,, f \\·'i thin"'·ton , a n a r .::a uf :; ,81.'l acres am! a pnptdation in l ~lO I of ,; • i . ~o ~ . On~ of the proposa ls in connect io n I\ ith the s~h.::n1c is that \Vith i11g·t.cll1 sho uld have its own Com mit tee nn the C it\· Ccluncil . t hus folluwing· t he lines nf the .\·ct incorpora ti ngTurton, \\' es t 1-lclUg"h ton. e re . , w ith Bc1 lton.