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CHAP. IV. That what is swallowed down and received into the Habit is the first and chief efficient Cause of all that Mankind suffer in their Bodies

Temperate, the Laborious, and the A ô ive: to thofc inhabiting barren, and unculti­ vated Countries, Defarts, Forefts, under the Poles or the Line, or to thofe who are rude and dcftitute of the Arts of Ingenuity and Invention. I mtifl, if I am not rciolved to refill the ftrongeft Convi&ion, conclude, that it muft be fomething received into the Body, that can produce fuch terrible Ap­ pearances in it, lome flagrant and notable, Difference in the Food, that fo fenfibly diftinguilhes them from thefe latter. And that it is the miferable Man himfelf that creates his Mileries, and begets his Torture, or, at leaft, thole from whom he has derived his bodily Organs.