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CHAP. X. Of the Generation, Animation, Nutrition, aqd Growth of the Solids and Fluids of Animals, and some other Functions of the animal Oeconomy

Injections and MicroJ'copes: Add to thefe, the Senfibility of each the fmalleft Point and Particle of Animal, where the Circulation reaches, we (hall be eafily perfuaded that they furpp.fs all finite Skill and Mechanifm, to form and frame j and that they are without Number, and without End. That the whole Fabrick is but an Afl'emblage of an infinit Number of iuch Organs. Every minute Point, and Atom of which, is fitted and contriv’d for a particular End and Purpofe, and for the Benefit of the Whole *. The StruBure, Contrivance, the U/e, Beauty, and PerfeBion of the human Hand alone, made Galen a firm Believer *in a firft Caufe infinitely Wife, Good and Powerful.