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CHAP. I. Of the general Method of Cure of nervous Distempers

Intention, may be conje&ur’d from the State o f the Blood. I f the Size on the Top is much gone, if the Colour and its cafily yielding to any dividing Inftrumcnt, and the Proportion of the Serum to the globular Part, upon bleeding (a few Ounces only for the Trial) be fuch as they are found com­ monly in found Perföns, and if the Serum be clear, or not too tawny, then may it be concluded, that the fir ft Intention has been purfued fufficiently. The fecond imy alfo be gueis’d from the healing up and cicatri­ zing of any Ulcers, Sores, or the Cure of any cutaneous FoulnciTes, and the Removal of any acute Pains and Paroxyfms, principally caus’d by the Sharpnefs, and Acrimony, and Saline Quality of the Juices. The laß is ob­ vious, after thefe two are aicertain’d by the Strength, Vigour, Vivacity, and Freedom o f Spirits, the natural and eafy Performance o f all the Animal Functions, neceflarily follow­ ing upon the laß Intention’s being profecuted for a due Time, and in a proper Manner. But that every one may more ccrtainly judge of the State and Condition of the Blood and Juices, and the Neceflity o f profecuting the Intentions I have propos’d, I lhall here give iome general Account o f the different Changes that happen in them under Difeafes of all K inds; but particularly thole I am here principally concern’d about.