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CHAP. III. Of the Medicines proper for the second Intention

J'arn. This Method and Order mull neceifarily be follow'd, where a total and abfoluteCure is intended or expedted: But where a Palliative Cure only is deiign’d, thefe may be blended with the former, even from the beginning of the Cure. And where the Blood is in that Condition, which I have mention’d as the lall and worll State: they may even take the Place o f the former and go before them, if there be any reafonable Hopes of Succefs; becaufe the great Degree of Acrimony dif­ fus'd thro’ the. whole Mafs of Blood, requires a more immediate Attention and Application, than die removing of Obllrudtions j (which is often the Cafe in many Scorbutick, Hefiick, ISierical, Scropbulous and Cancerous Habits;) at leall the Medicines for the Second Inten-r tion, are the abfolutely neceflary: and the only Means that can effectuate a Palliative Cure, and relieve the Symptoms then.