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CHAP. VI. Of the Exercise proper for nervous Disorders

Laborious and A&ivc. * Hippocrates, Diodes, Paraxagorasy and Erafiflratus firft introduc'd it into Rules, Laws, and O/v&r ; appointing the Times and Kinds o f it, appropriated to cach particular Diftempcr. The Grecians in general, the Athenians and Lacedemonians in particular, ercctcd Jcademies, Gymnajta, or publick Places, for the common Convenicncy of all Kinds o f Exercife, with all proper A c­ commodations and Services for that End, both to train up the People for War, and to jpreicrve them from, and cure their Difcaics. Thefe Gytnnafia were dedicated to Jpolio, as God of Phy/tch, and thither the Phyfic'tans fcnt all thole who laboured under chronical Diftempers, of which Exercife and Diety limited and managed according to the Na­ ture o f the Cafe, made up all the Cure. By Degrees it iptead over all the Eajlern and Southern Countries, and at laft had ib gene·* ral an Approbation, as to be univerfally received all the World over, where Health was regarded, or the Cure o f Diftempers ftudied. Such has been the original Rife, Reception, and Approbation o f Exercife, as is evident from anticnt Hiftory and uriiverfal Tradition. Whoever will confult Le Clerc, will be abundantly fatisficd in this Matter.