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CHAP. IX. Of the Cure of the Symptoms of Vapours, Hysterical and Hypochondriacal Disorders

Morning and Night, or the GamPills o f the London or Edinburgh Difpenfatory (both which are excellent Mcdicines for this Purpofe) they having often all the good E f­ fects of Opium, without the bad ones, tho’ both are but temporary Reliefs and not Cures : and whofe Virtues will be worn out by long Ufe, and therefore ought to be con­ tinued no longer than abfolute Neceflity re­ quires, and not repeated upon too flight Occafions, for both Opiates and Volatiles or Fœtids are o f the Nature of Drams and Cordialss ; and Exercifc will procure Sleep better than either of thefe Medicines, no Opiattbeing like that o f the Day-Labourers.