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CHAP. X. Of the nervous Disorders of the Convulsive Tribe, particularly of Hysterical and Hypochondriacal Fits, and those other Paroxysms that attend nervous Disorders

JL JL Hyjlcrical, or Hypochondriacal, arc attended with fome Convulsive Motions, Fits, or tparoxyfms, clpecially when they arrive to their higher and more eminent Degrees, and to the fecovd Stage o f Vapours, which I have denominated or diftinguiihed by thefe Symptoms chiefly: I fhall here treat o f thefe Diforders in general, fhcwing


the Nature of all Convulfionsy but particu­ larly thofe incident to ilich Conftitutions, and attending thefe Diftempers that I am princi­ pally treating of, and laying down the pro­ per and peculiar Method o f Cure, for each Kind or Degree.