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CHAP. XII. Of the Palsy, St. Vitus’s Dance, and other Paralytick Disorders

J L liland and Climate more com­ mon, of late cfpecially, than the Pal/y, or Pnralytick Symptoms, nor of a more difficult Cure, when they happen to People of ori­ ginal or acquired weak Nerves, or upon the Decline o f Life. A Cold, or being expofed to a iharp freezing Nortb-Ea/l Wind, con­ tinuing long in an unnatural Poflure, io as to flop fome great Blood yeflels: hard and exceflive Labour, a moift and damp Situation, Anti mom al or Mercurial external Steams, a Blow or Contusion upon fome Parts of the Body, where there are the greatcil Collec­ tions o f Nerves ; all thefe, I lay, arc fufficient Caufes to produce partial or temporary Palftes : but thefe arifing chiefly from fome Obilru&ion of the Blood Vefllls, where by


the Paflagc o f that Balfamick Liquor, ncceffary to cheriih the Mufcles, is intercepted, and the Nerves, hurt only by Accident, yield generally to Bleeding,· a&ive and pon­ derous Remedies of the Mineral Kind, to break the coagulatcd Blood, and open Obilrudions, joined with Aftringcnts, towards the End of the Cure, fuch as the Qutnquina, Oak Bark, Mijlctoe, and the like ; Bliftering, and warm, cauftic, outward Application?, as Fomentations, with a Dcco&ion of M uf* tard Seed, Horfe Radift, PeUitoryy Zedoary, Juniper Berries, &c. with an Addition o f camphorated Spiiit of JVinCy a&ivc and pene­ trating Ointments and EpithemeSy as the Nervous Ointment y an Ointment made with Horfe Radijhy the OpodeldoCy and the like, or Fr iff ion with the Fleih-Brulh, and anointing with Opodeldoc, diiTolved in cam­ phorated Spirit of Wine after, or with the other warm Oils, as thofe o f Amber, Clovest Fitriol diluted, &c. and drinking the Bath WaterSy bathing in the fame, or pumping on the Part affe&ed. Thcfe Kinds, I iay, are not the Palfies I intended principally to treat of here, iince they happen generally to good found Conftitutions and firm Nerves, and arc thus eafily remedied.