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CHAP. I. OF those whose nervous Complaints were cured by Medicine, under a common, tho’ temperate Diet

A G en tlem an of Scotland, eminent in the Lam, and of great Honour, Probity, and jinc Parts, had been long troubled with a Nervous Headach; and having neg­ lected it mauy Years, it came to fuch a Height as was no longer tolerable. Befides this almod inceiTant Headafh, he had condant extreme Lowuefs, Opprejjion, and at lad the greatcd Difficulty to attend his Studies, or to apply to the Biifinefs of his ProfefTion ; and the Diforder terminated in Want of Sleep, Lois o f Appetite, and Inquietude; and all thcie Symptoms brought him to fuch a State as to render his Condition mod miierable. He came here, to Bath, in this Condition. His Diforders were the mod didinctly Peri­ odical of any Nervous Cafe 1 had ever met with, (though in mod I have obferved fomething of that Nature.) One Night it was extreme, fo as to make him pafs it almod