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CHAP. II. Of nervous Cases, requiring a mix'd or trimming Regimen of Diet, viz. of tender, young, animal Food, and a little Wine and Water one Day, and the other only Milk, Seeds, and Vegetables

A Knight Baronet o f an Antient Family, by keeping bad Hours, in attending upon the Bufincfs of the Parliament, and Jiving freely about Town, had fo worn down his Conftitution, that he run into an habitual Didrrbcea, attended with extreme Flatulence, Lownefsy Oppreffion, Watchfulnejs, and Indigeflion. Thefe conftantly returning upon the leaft Excefs, or catching Cold, had quite enfeebled and enervated a formerly robuft and healthy Conftitution, even into almoft a Nervous Atrophy. He had confulted again and again the moil eminent o f the Profeffion, but all the Benefit he reap’d was only a temporary Relief, or having a Drag put upon the Wheel, to prevent its running too fail down the Hill. He at laft came to Bath, and was for a confidcrable Time under my Dire£Hon, to try if he could by any Means be aflifted to a la/ling Cure, he being then not far paft the Meridian of Life, tho' wafted and reduced from a round, mufiular, and brawny Natural Frame, almoft to a Skeleton j and his Alimentary Tube being fo much re­ lax’d, that the moft moderate common Meal o f Butcher’s Meat was too much for him, and run off Crude, leaving him quite funk and flat. I was unwilling to advife him to a total Milk and Vegetable Diet, being uncer-

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Months ihe became perfe&ly well and free o f all her Lownefs, Faintings, Fits, and

feverifj Heats, and went away frefh, chearful and ilrong,

A Gentleman of fine Parts, grievcufly affli&cd with the Gout, and with a perpe­ tual Lownefs, Sinking, and Oppreffton, both in Fits and the Intervals: to wit, a conftant Sickncfs and Reaching before the Forma­ tion, and after , the Fit was over; and for a long time after, a much longer (than is com­ mon) Sicbiejs, Inappetency, Wcakncfs, and greater Lamcnefs: io as to be one half of the Yearalmoft under its EfFe&s; and being weary of a Life under fuch Miferies, he was willing to attempt any thing probable to mitigate them. But being juftly afraid of a


Wine, (as Sack, Canary, or Palm) he readi­ ly and chearfully enter’d upon it. This Me­ thodabated both the Violence, Duration, and Frequency o f his Fits in a few Years, without any Danger; and by Degrees effedually remov’d thele Vomitings andSickneffes with which the Fits began and termi­ nated; efpecially, by almoft every Night taking a few Spoonfuls o f a Rhubarb and Bark Bitter, made on Wine with Aromatiqks, in the Intervals; and he has now only a very tolerable, lhort, regular Fit once a Year, and foon gets about his Buiincfs again, and is in likelihood to go on with Health and Strength to a great Age.