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CHAP. III. Of nervous Cases, requiring a Strict and total Milk, Seed, and Vegetable Diet

A 'dignified Clergyman, of great Learning and Worth, well known by his excellent Works, had naturally a great deal of Spirit and Fire, but by a Jedentary and ¡Indians Life, had brought on Flatulence, Giddinefs, Oppreflion, Lownefs, and Anxiety to a great Degree, by which he had been long opprciTcd. He bad been always very tempe­ rate, o f a flight tender Make, but of late had grown very thin, dry, and was run­ ning almoft into a Scorbutical and Nervous Atrophy. I had advis’d him formerly in the beft Manner I could, fortictimcs the Gum Pillsy with an Aloetichy Sometimes Sylphittm, or 'Steel and Bitters, and fomctimcs Spa, Pyrmont, or Bath Waters, by which he had been much reliev’d; but at lafl none o f thcic, nor any thing I could fuggeft, would have any durcablc EffcfL In fine, I told him, that nothing, in my Opinion, but a total Milk and Vegetable Diet could eifedually and entirely cure and rcftore him, which he readily and chearfully complied with, and entered upon dire&ly, being, as I faid, thin and temperate, and without grofs Hu­ mours. So he had no Rcafon to exped any Difpumatory Fits by this Method; And with no

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