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CHAP. IV. The Objections against a Regimen, especially a Milk, Seed, and Vegetable Diet, considered

V. T he only material and folid Obje&io againft a Milk, Seed, and Vegetable Diet are, Firfi, That It is particular and unjbeial, in a Country where the common Diet is o f another Nature: But I am fure Sicknefs, Lozvnefs, and Opprejjion is much more lb j and 1 ihould never adviie any one to fuch a

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dies, we defpaired of his Recovery. W hile he was in this Condition, he fent for us early one Morning: we waited on him, with Mr. Shrive his Jlpothecary (fince dead alfo) ; we found his Strifes-dear, and his Mind calm, his Nurfe and fevoral Servants were about him. He had made his Will and fettled his Affairs. He told us, he had fent for us to give him forne Account o f an odd Senjation, he had tor fome Time obferved and felt in himfelf: which was, that compofing himfelf, he cou’d die or expire when he pleas’d, and yet by an Effort, or fome how, he could come to Life again: which it ieems he had fometimes tried before he had fent for us. We heard this with Surprize, but as it was not to be accounted for from now common Principles, we could hardly be­ lieve the Faff as he related it, much lefs give any Account o f i t : unlefs he ihould pleafe to make the Experiment before us, which we were unwilling he ihould do, laft, in his weak Condition, he might carry it too far. He continued to talk very diitinftly and feniibly above a Quarter o f an Hour about this (to Him) furprifing Senfation, and infifted l'o much on our feeing the 'Trial made, that we were at laft forced to comply. W e all three felt his Pulie firft: it was diftinft, tho' fm^ll and threedy : and his · Heart had

its ufual Beating. He compos’d himfelf on his Back, and lay in a ittll Pofture fome time: while / held his right Hand, Dr. Baynard laid his Hand on his Heart, and Mr. Shrine held a clean Lookingglafs-to his Mouth. I found his Pulfe fink gradually, till at laft I could not feel any, by the moft cxa£t and nice Touch. Dr. Baynard could not feel the lea ft Motion in his Heart, nor Mr. Shrine the lcaft Soil of Breath on the bright Mirror he held to his Mouth; then each o f us by Turns examin’d his Arm, Heart and Breath, but could not by the niceft Scrutiny diicover the lcaft Symptom o f Life in him. We reaibn’d a long Time about this odd Appearance as well as we could, and all o f us judging it in­ explicable and unaccountable, and finding he ftill continued in that Condition, we began to conclude that he had indeed carried the Experiment too far, and at laft were fatisfied he was actually dead* and were juft ready to leave him. This continued about half an Hour, b y , Nine a’Clock in the Morning in Autumn. As we were going away, we obfcrvM fomc Motion about the Body, and upon Examination, found his Pulfe and the Motion o f his Heart gradually returning: he began to breath gently and fpeak foftly : we were all aftonifli’d to the laft Degree at this

X 3 unexpc&ed

unexpected Change, and after iome fur­ ther Converfation with him, and among ourfelves, went away fully fatisfy’d as to all the Particulars o f this Fad, but confounded and puzlcd, and not able to form any rational Scheme that might ac­ count for it. He afterwards callcd for his Attorney, added a Codicil to his JYill, fettled Legacies on his Servants, re­ ceived the Sacrament, and calmly and compofedly expir’d about five or fix a’Clock that Evening. Next Day he was opened, (as he had ordered) his Body was the loundeft and beft made I had ever feen; his Lungs were fair, large and found, his Heart big and ftrong, and his Intejlims fweet and clean; his Stomach was of a due Proportion, the Coats found and thick, and the villous Membrane quite entire. But when we came to examine the Kid­ ney s% tho' the left was perfectly found and of a juft Size, the right was about four Times as big, diitended like a blown Bladder, and yielding as if full o f P ap ; he having often pafs’d a Wheyijb Liquor afcer his Urine, dureing his lllnefs. Upon opening this Kidney, we found it quite full of a white Chalky Matter, like Plaifler of Paris, and all the flefhy Subitance difJolved and worn away, by what I called a Nephritick Cancer. This had been the gourde o f, all his M iferyj and the fympto-

matick Vomitings from the Irritation on the conlentient Nerves, had quite ftarved and worn him down. I have narrated the Faffs, as I faw and obferved them deli­ berately and diftiri&ly, and lhall leave to the Philofophick Reader to make what In­ ferences he thinks fit ; the Truth of the material Circumftanccs I will warrant.