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Athena Award Reception Speech, Congress for the New Urbanism, San Francisco, CA, 2008

Roof gardens everywhere. Literally green cities and towns with local energy, food, and economic selfsufficiency integrated into a fluid global economy. I’ve coined the word “Surpassability” to suggest another process-one that begins with taking actions that move beyond the industrial/mechanical/ anthropocentric/economic model which rules today. “Surpassability” implies thrival for all of human kind while “Sustainability” implies survival for only the richest in our global family. What is needed is the emergence of a new world view where what we humans design and what evolution designs begin to merge and our minds evolve as part of a larger evolutionary process. Evolution is not blind as mechanists believe. We glimpse the possibilities of an ecologic world but, as yet, it has no distinct form physically or as social community. The danger at this time of turning is to try through our will to materialize what is still emergent. The ecologic world is within us waiting to find form. Once uncovered, it will emerge in its own way, its own time, in its own form. We start with our most deeply held aspirations for ourselves and our world. Is this dream or fantasy? No, it’s the new reality of a green world and it’s doable now if we join in common purpose, leave our shell of denial, despair, and ego, and join together. We have the knowledge. We have the power. I hope we have the spirit, the story, the heart to create a livable future for generations to come. So live simply, laugh a lot, and love deeply!