chapter  6
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Technology and e-HRM

Undoubtedly, one of the most signifi cant contextual infl uences on human resource management (HRM) over the past 20 years has been the development of information and communication technologies (ICT), including the Internet. As discussed in Chapter 2 , technology has not only revolutionized the way that people live and work but has also changed the way in which HRM itself is delivered. The development of ICT, coupled with increasing globalization, has meant that people are no longer restricted by geographical borders or by the need to be co-located in order to work together. This has led to an increase in globally dispersed teams that interact virtually, the ability to connect with a mobile workforce and virtual organizations generally (see Chapter 4 ). Indirectly, technology has also had a profound effect on the expectations of employees, especially the younger generations, who now expect to communicate electronically. This chapter will examine the impact of technology in HRM in more detail: fi rst, we will look at the signifi cant impact that technology has had on the delivery of HRM activities, through a detailed examination of the growth of e-HRM; second, we will look at the impact of e-HRM on the HR function; and third, we will examine recent advances in technology itself, such as web 2.0 and social media technologies, and the ways in which these have been used within HRM.