chapter  11
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The intersection between the HR and marketing functions

This chapter will examine the relationship between activity in human resource management (HRM) and in another organizational function, marketing. Over recent years we have seen the HR and marketing functions become increasingly intertwined. From an HRM perspective, a growing number of concepts from marketing are being ‘borrowed’ by HRM. Most notable is the fact that the HR function is increasingly being required to develop and promote the brand of the organization as an employer. In order to achieve this, HR is adopting the broader principles of brand management in order to develop an employer value proposition and employer brand that can be communicated both internally and to potential new employees. In conjunction with this development, organizations are now beginning to use another principle from marketing, that of market segmentation, in their design of HR policies and practices, particularly in rewards and retention. From a marketing perspective, market oriented organizations are being encouraged to use the organization’s human capital to promote the organization’s brand both internally and externally.