chapter  2
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The new social context of HRM

Human resource management (HRM) as an activity and as a fi eld of study has derived from three dominant forces. These are: economic infl uences and trends, social and legal institutions, and infl uences within organizations. The view that HRM has always been infl uenced in this way is not a new thought. Since the 1950s and 1960s, there has been research into the role of HR specialists and what they do, and organizational factors as well as the traditions of industries were seen as important infl uences. The unique feature of HRM at the organizational level of analysis is its role in bringing together these infl uences on employees and reinterpreting and legitimating the meaning of HRM activities according to organizational needs (Tyson 1997 ). In this chapter, we will focus on the social and institutional environment. The economic environment will be considered in Chapter 3 .