chapter  10
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Deepening Experiential Work

This chapter explores what makes a case difficult, because the process of judging something difficult is subjective. Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFIO) trainer Pamela Geib invites trainees to explore the difference between two sets of parts who commonly activate with couples. The first set is therapist parts. These highly trained parts come to the model with expertise and often have strong beliefs about the therapist's role as well as what makes a relationship good. The second set of parts that Geib explores with trainees is parts of the therapist. Therapists who feel stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated can make a U-turn and listen to the part(s) who are judging either the therapist's work or couple's parts. Clients come to couple therapy struggling with all kinds of problems, including children, parenting, relationships with extended family, illness, money, sex, extramarital affairs and more. Therapists respond to their concerns and feelings according to their history.