chapter  5
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Individual Work

in this chapter, the authors talk about a key aspect of their work, the role of the therapist and their view of countertransference. Couple therapists must navigate some extremely complex situations. Like therapists working in any other model, Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFIO) therapists experience transference and countertransference. Recognizing that transference and countertransference form continual cycles of action and reaction at times fostering a sense of closeness and connection, at other times a feeling of distress therapists who work with couples must learn to pay attention to their parts. Grounding physically and mentally before beginning a session is a good idea. The more physically attuned we are, the faster we can return to the Self when parts get energized. In IFIO, the authors handle countertransference by teaching therapists to practice the U-turn so that feelings and reactivity are an opportunity to love both hard working and injured parts, and to bring Self-leadership and presence to the therapeutic relationship.