chapter  5
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How do you make your voice heard? Engaging the mass media

As has been shown in the previous chapter, the groups under discussion publish materials that contain the results of research, information about their activities, and opinions on matters pertaining to their respective fields of interest. These non-mainstream mass media, or mini-media, are important instruments in conveying the groups’ messages to both members and nonmembers. However, their readership is limited. The mass media offer nongovernmental actors unparalleled opportunities to broadcast messages to the wider public. They may also undermine and delegitimise particular groups. If this is the case, then what is the relationship between the chosen actors and the Japanese media? What viewpoints do the members of the groups hold regarding the subject under discussion? In what ways, if at all, have the groups tried to engage the media and what was its response? To what extent has the new mass medium of the Internet been used by the actors? In sum, the findings from this chapter will help to clarify the attitudes of the selected groups towards the media outlets and elucidate methods adopted from the repertoire of mass media advocacy employed by the actors.