chapter  2
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Power and politics in the city

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts discussed in the preceeding chapters of this book. The book illuminates the interrelated complexity of contemporary urban social, economic and environmental problems, and to illustrate the ways in which an applied or problem-oriented analytical approach can provide the basis for planning remedial action. That the modern metropolitan environment is linked to regional, national and international political-economic systems is acknowledged to be a significant structural influence in the analysis and resolution of urban problems. As Harvey remarked, need to marry consideration of the global processes restructuiing social, economic and political reality with an understanding of 'the specifics of what is happening to individuals, groups, classes and communities at particular places at certain times'. In order to achieve the goal of humane city strategies must be judged not only on the basis of technical and financial criteria but on socially informed assessments of citizens' preferences and priorities.