chapter  10
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Urban transportation

The transport system affects urban quality of life in many positive ways. It aids the creation of wealth by enabling people to reach their workplace, moving raw materials and distributing finished products. It affords access to shopping, health, education, leisure and other welfare facilities both by enabling individuals to travel and by conveying facilities to people. The provision and use of a transport system can also have negative effects on quality of life by causing injury and premature death, by displacing people from their homes, businesses and land, by encouraging location patterns which accentuate class inequalities in the degree of access to activities and facilities, by degrading the environment, by the fatigue and frustration associated with some forms of travel, and by feelings of infringement of personal freedom associated with the enforcement of transport regulations. These negative effects often bear disproportionately on particular individuals and groups in society. Nevertheless, urban society as a whole accepts the negative effects because it values the positive ones so highly.