chapter  10
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It was not long before the Juvenile Organizations Committee was transferred to the Board of Education, which from 1920 became responsible for the encouragement and expansion of youthful recreations. This expansion went on up to the early thirties when economic pressures and depression put a stop to further development, and by 1939 most of the local juvenile organizations had ceased to exist. The Board's Circular 1486/39 was published in 1939 informing all the L.E.A.s that the Board would be directly responsible for the youth welfare services, and at the same time would work in close association with both the L.E.A.s and the still existing voluntary organizations. The term 'juvenile' had developed certain pejorative connotations, linked as it was with such words as 'delinquency' and 'behaviour', used in a deprecatory sense. So the Board replaced it by 'youth', and the 'Juvenile Organizations Committee' now became 'Youth Organizations Committee'. The work of those committees had been taken over, since their inception, by the National Fitness Council, which was a body mainly concerned with allocating grants in order to improve the amenities available for physical training and recreation. When it was dissolved in September 1939 the Board established a National Youth Committee.