chapter  1
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The Great Industrial Exporters

In the first place, which are the great exporting countries ? In 1937 there were only nine countries (U.S.A., United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, BelgiumLuxemburg, Argentina, and India, in that order) which were each responsible for more than 3 per cent, of total world exports ; collectively they accounted for 54-6 per cent, of the total. Of those nine countries, however, the first three were outstanding, being collectively responsible for nearly a third of the world total (the United States with 13-06 per cent, of it, the United Kingdom with 10-22 per cent., and Germany with 9*41 per cent.). Moreover, these three great exporting countries were of paramount importance in world markets in another sense-one or other of them was in 1937 the chief single supplier of 54 out of the 66 countries whose import statistics are given in the League of Nations' annual International Trade Statistics; the United States was the principal supplier of 22, and Germany and the United Kingdom each of 16 countries, no other exporter being the principal supplier of more than three.