chapter  5
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Downtown Redevelopment in Selected Oregon Coastal Communities: Some Lessons from Practice Jennifer R. Klebba, Mindee D. Garrett, Autumn L. Radle, and Bryan T. Downes

A viable downtown is important to the economic and social health, heritage, and civic pride of a community. It is a critical area in any community no matter what its size or location. This is one reason why so much effort has gone into attempting to revitalize downtowns across America in the last few decades. It is an effort to reverse the economic, social, and physical decline that has occurred in the downtown areas of so many communities. The scenario usually goes something like this: buildings deteriorate; shops move to malls; crime rates increase; entertainment, community, and cultural activities leave; and so on. Hardt and Burayidi have shown in the previous chapters that this is a scenario encountered in large central cities as well as small towns.