chapter  2
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Deliberative Democracy and Elections

This chapter – the first of two in this part on deliberative foundations – defines deliberative democracy’s core elements. The first sections of this chapter are relatively brief and compendious; readers already familiar with deliberative democracy theory may wish to skip these sections, or to skim ahead to occasional enumerated points to see which elements we select as especially relevant. The chapter concludes with initial observations about what makes deliberation distinctive in the context of elections – a context where others have argued that deliberation has no proper or realistic role to play. In chapter 3 (‘Deliberative Democracy and the Law of Politics’) we link these general background notes to the specifics of the law of politics, outlining a distinctive theoretical lens to be applied through the rest of the book. Jointly, then, these two chapters prime our later analysis, in Part III, of the relation and the fit between the law of politics and deliberative democracy.