chapter  5
Enabling Open Education
A Feasibility Protocol for Australian Higher Education
ByCarina Bossu, David Bull, Mark Brown
Pages 12

This chapter explores the findings of a research project titled "Adoption, use and management of Open Educational Resources (OER) to enhance teaching and learning in Australia", is an attempt to bring OER into mainstream higher education in Australia. It presents the "Feasibility Protocol", which is a key outcome of this research project. The Feasibility Protocol is formed by a set of guiding principles that prompt questions and raise issues that should be considered by traditional and distance learning universities and tertiary institutions intending to take advantage of the OER movement. It is a valuable instrument that could encourage the Australian higher education sector to further develop OER and OEP and be on a par with developments taking place elsewhere. The chapter discusses the opportunities and challenges that organisational institutions might face while adopting OER and Open Educational Practice (OEP). The usefulness of the Feasibility Protocol will depend on individual institutions and the way that their senior executives make use of it.