chapter  Chapter 17
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The Built Environment

WithDebrah C. Sickler-Voigt

This chapter describes the built environment and its qualities, functions, and meanings in society. It aims to identify best practices for teaching the built environment and create instructional resources for teaching the built environment. The choice-based curriculum will expand students’ existing awareness of the built environment to teach them about its history and functions. The young artist carefully arranged multiple pieces of cut glass to form the built environment structure. Students will investigate, analyze, and interpret meanings associated with the built environment as presented through the study of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, earthworks, monuments, public artworks, and community spaces. Well-planned and maintained built environments promote a healthy sense of community in which people learn, develop, and share experiences. Research and planning play significant roles in the design of built environments. Considering people’s responses to the built environment assists designers in bettering their products.