chapter  Chapter 19
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Arts Advocacy

WithDebrah C. Sickler-Voigt

This chapter explains the qualities that make teachers effective arts advocates and aims to generate a plan for an arts advocacy campaign. It aims to develop an art budget and write a grant proposal for teaching art. Regular communications are an essential component of arts advocacy. Teachers who are arts advocates continuously augment their understandings of art content and teaching methodologies. Arts advocates use communication to highlight student and program achievements, raise awareness, seek guidance, and ask for support. Arts advocates inform the media about special art happenings by writing press releases that include contact information, images, appropriate credits, and brief descriptions of important information, such as what a project is about, its date, time, place, and participants. Organizing and participating in art-centered special events increase program visibility and align with arts advocacy practices. Teachers know their programs best as they design art curricula, assess student learning outcomes, and evaluate the goals they have set.