chapter  Chapter 2
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The Choice-Based Art Curriculum

WithDebrah C. Sickler-Voigt

This chapter describes what a choice-based art curriculum is and how various components come together to form meaningful lesson and unit plans. Throughout life, students will make important choices and navigate the rewards and consequences of their decisions. For some educators, designing a choice-based curriculum seems paradoxical because offering student choices may lead to unpredictable outcomes. A well-designed choice-based art curriculum, with its predictable and unpredictable outcomes, feels professionally rewarding to teach and invigorating for students to learn. The anchor standards offer flexibility and multiple interpretations for choice-based curriculum design because teachers and students can examine a variety of artists, processes, and big ideas to meet the standards. Goals are clear aims that drive the choice-based art curriculum. An effective choice-based art curriculum has a logical order and builds on prior learning so that all components are unified. Like objectives, daily learning targets align with the grade-level standards that drive the curriculum.