chapter  Chapter 6
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Diversified Learners

WithDebrah C. Sickler-Voigt

This chapter describes diversified students in context, identifies factors that influence their abilities to learn, and explains how to accommodate their needs through quality art instruction. It focuses on teaching students’ self-efficacy skills, which refer to their beliefs about their capabilities to produce effective results based on their abilities to overcome obstacles, rebound from setbacks, observe people similar to themselves succeed, and hear from someone else that they have the ability to attain new skills. English learners are children living in English-speaking countries who are learning to speak English. Compared to monolinguistic learners, bilinqual students can also have career advantages due to their broader communication abilities. Teachers utilize specialized art supplies, equipment, instructional resources, and procedures to help all students learn. Teachers build and reinforce students’ academic vocabulary by connecting artistic tasks with substantial conversations, art-based readings, creative writings, and reflective journaling.