chapter  12
2030 leadership horizon
WithDavid Grayson, Chris Coulter, Mark Lee
Pages 22

All In has discussed how sustainability leadership has evolved from the Leaders Survey and explained the some essential and interlocking attributes of sustainability leadership. Technology businesses face growing public and political criticism over a range of topics including failure to differentiate fake news, insufficient efforts to stop dissemination of extremist and even terrorist content, lax oversight of interference by foreign powers. Common concern from across nearly all interviewees was that technology and financial services companies have been so conspicuously absent from the Leaders Survey and other responsible business rankings. Australian bank Westpac, which has topped the Dow Jones Sustainability Index sectoral list for years, and Triodos Bank, headquartered in the Netherlands, which brands itself "The World's Leading Sustainable Bank," are rare examples appearing in regional results. Johnny Kwan argues that: "Corporate Sustainability Leadership helps Chinese companies to achieve much more than linear projection of the triple bottom line; it is a transformation and a quantum leap."