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WithDavid Grayson, Chris Coulter, Mark Lee

One important enabling factor shifting in favor of business leadership at present is trust. While trust in business remains relatively low compared to other institutions, there are emerging signals of a potential upswing. While the Edelman Trust Barometer reflects broad societal views suggesting companies and CEOs are building greater reservoirs of goodwill, investor pressure is shifting, encouraging companies to spend relationship capital and act to improve sustainability communication and performance. Gail Klintworth, Business Transformation Director at the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, suggests there's something natural about the now unfolding convergence of profit potential and sustainable development. Greater inclusivity will mean that there are more engaged citizens, more empowered consumers and more stable markets, all of which create conditions good for markets and sustained growth. All Inn’s five leadership attributes – Purpose, Plan, Culture, Collaboration, and Advocacy – provide a roadmap for companies ready to pursue sustainability excellence and the market benefits that will come with it.