chapter  4
WithDavid Grayson, Chris Coulter, Mark Lee
Pages 11

The dozens of All In interviews revealed that at least some elements of the best Plans have been in play for decades. DuPont was a company that framed a strong Plan for sustainability that led to strong rankings in the Leaders Survey from the late 1990s through the mid 2000s. Immelt set corporate social responsibility and citizenship buzzwords aside to instead talk about "making money while solving society's greatest problems" as well as developing necessary partnerships and "making more friends." While Holliday is presently the Chair of Royal Dutch Shell and thus has a natural bias, he suggested that we not overlook the potential for Shell. And traditional fossil fuel energy companies to return to the leadership positions they held in the Leaders Survey ten to twenty years ago. Companies that want to go All In on Plan will identify their material impacts and develop a comprehensive Plan with stretch goals based on societal context and the best available science.